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Part 1 – Installing the plugin

IMPORTANT:  You MUST activate your license key (step 2) before you can generate an app.    If you do not, your app generation will fail.

  1. Install and Activate the MediaBlaster Direct plugin
  2. Go to WP Smart TV > License Manger and add your license key
  3. Click “Save”
  4. Then click Activate License
  5. Go to MB Direct > General Settings
  6. Generate a Security Key
  7. Click “Save Changes”
  8. Go to the Style tab
  9. Select a logo
  10. Select a Focus grid image
  11. Select a Focus on Top style
  12. Choose color styles
  13. Choose font Settings
  14. Click “Save Changes”
  15. Go to Language tab
  16. Change language strings
  17. Click “Save Changes”
  18. Go to Roku API tab
  19. Add a developer key & package
    1. If you have already have a key and package, upload it.
    2. If this is a new channel click the “Get New Developer Key” button
  20. Click “Save Changes”.
  21. Go to Channel Builder
  22. Set the name or leave as default site name
  23. Add a splash image (1920×1080 JPG)
  24. Add a poster image (540×405 PNG)
  25. Click “Save Changes”
  26. Click Generate App
  27. Save the package to your computer
  28. Go to Part 2
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