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Part 2 – Setting up your channel on Roku

  1. Login to the Roku developer dashboard
  2. Click Manage My Channels
  3. Click “Add Channel”
  4. Select Developer SDK
  5. Select Non-certified or Public
  6. Enter a channel name
  7. Click Continue
  8. Select the countries where the app is available
  9. Select the language
  10. Select “Video” in the Classification
  11. Internet Connection required is yes
  12. CVAA is No
  13. Enter your parental hint (aka rating)
  14. Select “A customer account is required to access some or all channel features.”
  15. Enter your privacy policy URL if available
  16. Choose a vanity code
  17. Click Continue
  18. Enter a channel name and description
  19. Add a channel poster (540×405)
  20. Select a Category
  21. Click Continue
  22. Start Channel Version at 1.0
  23. Upload your package file that we generated in Part 1
  24. Check I’m not a robot
  25. Click Continue
  26. On the next page click “Analyze”
  27. Ignore errors.
  28. In the drop down choose Preview and Publish.
  29. Click Publish.
  30. You can now add your channel on your own Roku device by clicking the vanity access code.
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