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Amazon Fire TV Creator Add-on

  1. Download and install the plugin.
  2. Go to WP Smart TV in the WP dashboard
  3. Click “Licenses”.
  4. Enter your license key.
  5. Click “Save”.
  6. When the page refreshes, click “Activate”
  7.  Go to the WP Smart TV control panel.
  8.  Click the Fire TV Creator tab.
  9.  Choose which content types to output to the feed.
  10.  Choose how many videos you want to output to the feed.
  11. Click Save Changes.
  12. Take your Fire TV Creator feed and try it with Amazon Creator.

Troubleshooting Tip:

Error: Was unable to display MRSS text!

Your host may be causing a conflict with Amazon’s system.   You can use Feedburner to fix this issue.

Add your FTV Creator feed (EX: https://mywebsite.com/feed/ftvc/) to Feedburner, and then send Feedburner’s feed to Amazon Creator.


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