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Step 3. How to setup Roku Direct Publisher

Before you Start:

  1. First make sure you’ve read this blog post and follow along to get started with Roku Direct Publisher.  Learn how to create your channel using the tutorials provided by Roku.
  2. Make sure you have added at least one content item with ALL fields (except the Trick-Play or Closed Caption, this is NOT required)

Basic Setup:

  1. In the WordPress Admin Dashboard go to WP Smart TV > Settings
  2. Go to Roku Settings
  3. Select the number of items per type (ex: 10 items will be in movies, videos and series).   Set to -1 for all content.
  4. Select your advertising type from the available options.
  5. Select what kind of content you want included with the Direct Publisher feed.
  6. You can either set your rows in the Direct Publisher controls or use the WP Smart TV Recipe system to control them from your JSON feed.
  7. Click Save.

To setup Direct Publisher

  1. Under Roku Settings locate the “Link for Roku Direct Publisher Feed (JSON)”
  2. Copy the link and go to your Direct Publisher channel in the Roku Developer dashboard
  3. Click on Feed URL
  4. In the feed URL section paste the link from WP Smart TV
  5. Under “Video Format” select “Specified in feed (Roku Feed Format only)”
  6. Click Save


  1. XX items have error: Thumbnail could not be downloaded.” – In some cases your hosting company may block requests from Roku in the case of image files.  If you enable the Jetpack plugin and turn on “Settings > Speed up images and photos“, it will fix this issue.  If you have a cache system, please refresh it.


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