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Step 4. Setup of Recipes system

To setup Recipes:

  1. In the General Settings tab check “Recipe (Categories) Enabled”
  2. Click Save
  3. Go to WP Smart TV > Roku Recipes
  4. Choose a Category Name.   This will be the title of your Row on the Direct Publisher app.
  5. Choose an Order to list your videos
  6. Choose a Query Type.    When it is set to “AND” it selects videos based on two or more tags.    When it is set to “OR” it will select videos based on one of the tags being included.
  7. Select the tags.   Tags are used to find videos for the Row based on the above “Query Type”
  8. To add another Recipe click “Add another recipe” and fill out the new section.
  9. You can order your Recipe Rows by using the green buttons at the bottom of each recipe to move up or down.
  10. You can remove a Recipe Row by clicking the red “Remove Recipe” button.
  11. When finished click “Save”.
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